Bruce Cai

Sifu Bruce was born in a traditional Chinese family. At seven years old, his father sent him to a martial arts school to learn Chinese WuShu. The WuShu training gave him a good foundation for his future martial arts practice.

He’s had the great opportunity to train with many experts in the field of Taichi, Baji Quan, Atillo Balintawak, Kyokushin Karate, and Gary Lam/Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun. Having the fortunate experience to meet Sifu Peter Hsu, a real Wing Chun master of Gary Lam system.

After six years of training, Sifu Bruce finished the enitre Gary Lam System including dragon pole and Baa Cham Do under Sifu Peter.

After Peter left Shanghai, in order to find a better way to improve his Wing Chun skills, SiFu Bruce decided to visit Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung’s school in Shanghai.

He finished the three empty hand forms and wooden dummy skills under Sifu Kleber, a regional director of Practical Wing Chun in Shanghai. After that, he learned Qi Gung and Baa Cham Do from Grandmaster Wan directly and became the first disciple and regional director under Grandmaster Wan from China Mainland.

In 2014, Sifu Bruce open his own school in Melbourne and committed to spreading Practical Wing Chun.